White Tree Theatre Present ‘The Castaways’


Wednesday 19 June 2019 | 8pm | The Octagon

In the not too distant future, flooding and coastal erosion have ravaged many parts of the UK, and scores of towns and cities have been destroyed. Despite the warning signs, the rallies and petitions, the problem has been largely ignored. Now the country is in a state of emergency. Turning the international refugee crisis on its head, The Castaways is the story of Sam, a young mother trying to protect her family and find a new home in a country on the brink of environmental devastation. She and her young son are flooded out of their home in York, and from there they embark on a journey that will lead them from camp to camp, forced into a reality of hunger and uncertainty. With a growing population of desperate migrants, border control is strict, but as the veneer of civilisation begins to slip, Sam is faced with the dangerous decision to flee.

“The Castaways effortlessly engenders much needed empathy with asylum seekers, imagining a credible future where we are the dispossessed. Charlotte Wood flooded the stage with so many convincing characters it was easy to forget that this was a monologue. A really lovely piece.” Sophie Buckley@arts_advocacy (Board Member of Hull Truck Theatre & Pilot Theatre).

“The questions are hard, and the answers are harder, but out of a tough political issue, White Tree Theatre remind us to look at the people, not just the politics.” (Arts York)




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