Lunchtime Lecture: From Toy Town to Buckingham Palace – John Stirling

£8 (followed by light refreshments)

Tuesday 25 June 2019 | 1pm | The Octagon

“I was born in a hamper in between my mother’s scenes for her latest film “A Candlelight in Algeria” with James Mason, and while my father was waist-deep, drowning in a manmade ice cold water tank, clinging to a life-raft in Ealing studios filming “The Cruel Sea” with Jack Hawkings and Co. With all this going, on I was more of a hindrance than a joyful arrival!”

An afternoon with John Stirling starts with an introduction into living up  to expectations when you are born into a theatrical dynasty. When you are attempting to follow in the footsteps of wellestablished Actors and Actresses that just happen to be your parents. It is no easy journey to attempt to find a route which makes you stand out and branch away from the establishment and finally break away, trying hard to find individuality and originality. 

Then the inspiration of others in the field of comedy, their help, their support and working with them professionally, side by side attempting to achieve an endproduct that will please and be successful and above all, be remembered. 

The performances, the friendships. Being able to return the support, opening doors and producing shows enhancing their talent, pushing them to believe in being able to cover more ground. To steer them away from their comfort zone and give them a new goal and to let the public see them in a different light, enabling them to surprise an unsuspecting public with an untapped talent, as yet unseen. 

Finally, the stories of how Actors and Actresses rescued their donkeys. The amusing situations so many of them have got into with their fourlegged friends, culminating in a private audience with her Majesty with two donkeys, my wife, my dog and an hour I shall never forget and she made ME laugh and the Royal Donkeys were born!